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Pre-Baptism Catechesis

The Pre-Baptismal Catechetical Programme is excellent for married couples at a very crucial moment in their lives- when they are just beginning to build up their family.  In the present fast pace of life, couples experience a lot of stress and maybe even emptiness in their lives.  Initially, hence they come with a lot of resistance as they feel the Church is unnecessarily insisting that they should come for these sessions before the birth of their child.  But when the Catechists share their own struggles and joys of Christian life, the participant couples begin to identify with the Catechists, and slowly a bonding begins to take effect. Also, the manner in which the participant couples are welcomed and cared for during this programme is crucial- many couples later share that this is the first time that they have experienced the love of the community.  They go back now truly enriched, having being nurtured by the Church.  The relationship that begins during this catechesis does not end with the four sessions, as they happily inform the catechists about the birth of their child and always greet them with a lot of warmth whenever they meet them again.  Instructions and inputs on marriage and family life are given to the couples.  To make the sessions more solemn for couples, a prayer ritual is always included.


  1. Expectant mothers in their fourth or fifth month of pregnancy can register for the Pre-baptism sessions in the Parish Office.  Each Pre-baptism session is held for four Wednesdays during the following months:
    • 1st week of January
    • 1st week of April                                                                     
    • 1st week of June
    • 2nd week of September                                                            
  2. It is compulsory for both parents to attend all the sessions.
  3. For the Baptism of your child, contact the Parish Office for registration.
  4. You are required to fill in the Baptism Form.  Kindly bring along with you your Marriage Certificate and Pre-Baptism Catechesis Certificate.
  5. Baptisms are held on all Sundays of the month after the 9.15 a.m. Mass.