To build a witnessing community empowered to serve, care and reach out to our families, youth and children

Parish Youth Group

Objective: To nurture faith, fellowship and service among the Youth

Vision: To build a witnessing community empowered to reach out to all the young people     

Meetings: Every Monday of the month for Youth between 15-25 years of age

Activities: Assist at liturgical celebrations in the Church, Plan, organize and conduct Contests, Competitions, Tournaments, Winter Club,  Taize Prayer Service  in the Parish and assist at various parish functions.

How to be a member: Attend meetings 

Spiritual Animator: Fr. Norbert D'Souza (25042167)

Co-ordinator: Flavian Creado (9869438533)

Asst. Co-ordinator: Josel Castelino (9594130588)